How to evaluate the importance and feasibility of a quantitative thesis?

How to evaluate the importance and feasibility of a quantitative thesis?

Establish the convenience of making a thesis on one or another topic will depend on the reasons that originate or support it. You may like an idea, but that is not a sufficient reason to endorse an investigation. All the theses should be a contribution to scientific knowledge and, in the best of cases, a solution to a problem with which a population benefits.

The criteria to estimate the importance of a research work can be rigid or flexible, everything will depend on the demands of the university. We present a series that, without being the only or definitive, will help you clarify the importance of your thesis.

The convenience: to establish the convenience you must keep in mind what your thesis is for. It is not the same as saying what it is about.

The Benefit: what or who will benefit from your work. You must think about where your research is going and what your contribution would be.

The impact of the results: project the scope of your thesis in relation to the proposed solutions, determine the significance of your study. It may be that you do not seek to correct a problem, but to understand it, but even that must show an impact. It may be that your study helps to better understand a situation or a theory, the importance of that would open the way to future studies.

The level of knowledge provided: it is about showing the quality of the knowledge to be developed and how that can mean an advance in a field of study. Also, if what is going to be investigated is useful for future studies or if new concepts or theories are going to be created. At the undergraduate level it is very difficult to create new theories, however it is possible to clarify concepts or present interpretation perspectives that have not been explored before.

The methodological benefit: if the thesis creates a new design for the collection, analysis or interpretation of data that are useful for methodological processes. It has to do with an improvement of the experimentation processes

Not all the theses have to meet all these criteria, especially those that are made at the level of the degree, but it is important to take at least one of those aspects to justify the work. These criteria should be evaluated along with the idea of ​​the thesis. In addition, they must be exposed and fulfilled in the development of the investigation.


This consists of studying all the factors that condition the conduct of the investigation. It has to do with the availability of the necessary resources, from books, audiovisual material, human resources, technology, etc.

It may be that there are all the criteria to justify the thesis and the idea to develop is very good, but do not have the necessary resources to carry it out. So, the importance and feasibility of the thesis are two things that complement each other. Before starting, you should be realistic and verify if you can really develop that topic and how long it would take you to do it. Maybe you should discard the idea or readjust expectations.

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